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Peace Covering Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat on Live Lounge

Hoover Music Blog

We like covers here at Hoover Music, and we really like Radio 1s Live Lounge. In the past its thrown up one or two really good covers by some top indie bands, like The Vaccines covering Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night, Arctic Monkeys covering Katy B’s On A Mission or The Vaccines (again) covering Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Getting Back Together.

Today its the turn of one of our favorite new-ish bands Peace. The Birmingham 4-piece are at the front of a brilliant scene coming out of the town at the moment that includes Swim Deep and Jaws (two of our other favorite new bands).

Some people may think “what are they doing?” covering a song by someone who is seen as the anti-indie-christ, but they take the song and bring it down the covers route where you make it your own. With a guest vocal from…

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Im still alive!!!


I have not blogged in a long time! Since last year in fact.. but i am still alive, and i am back, and am going to try really hard to blog more (i know i keep saying it, but im actually going to propperly try this time!!)

So how was everyones christmas and new year? Mine was good, a few misshaps but generally nice and relaxed which was lovely.. and now its 2013!

Im actually really excited for this year and i have some cool things planned which i will try and keep you up to date on. Only i havent started the year very well.. i have been in bed for the last 2 days with a really bad chest infection but im back and nearly better so i will kick myself into being a regular blogger and keep you all posted!

My first bit of exciting news is…

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Music Video: “SMD”

Caitlin Kunkel

“SMD” is a song I co-wrote with Ryan Krebs for our show at Donny’s Skybox, “Pandora the Explorer.”  It was such a hit onstage that we decided to bring it to the masses.  Ryan directed the video, and it was shot and edited by Sam Begich.   As the sly acronym title may suggest, it’s NSFW and contains vulgar language.  I would feel bad about that, but I don’t have time.  Enjoy!

Check out “SMD” over on Comediva – where the funny girls are.

We’re also on the MAAM Tumblr:  Men Against Assholes & Misogyny.

Laughspin featured an awesome write up of the team behind the video.

We have a great funny rating on Funny or Die!

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