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Behold, the 2013 Golden Globes Drinking Game Brought to You By Tina Fey and Amy Poehler


The mere fact that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are co-hosting Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards would have been enough to fill the month’s awesomeness quota. More than enough. But just a few days before the event, the duo has hit us with an extra dose of excellence: they’ve concocted a drinking game to get us nice and boozy as we watch what’s sure to be a hilarious show.

Fey said that she and fellow Saturday Night Live alum (and real-life best friend) Poehler decided to host the event because it’s “a very kind of sloppy, loud party, and that seemed like our kind of thing.” The two know full well what the ambiance of the evening tends to be —  Fey has won two Golden Globes (out of six nominations), and Poehler has been nominated twice. In her 2009 acceptance speech, Tina Fey embraced the awards show’s irreverent atmosphere when…

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Kimye Turn Down $3 Million For Baby Photos

What's The Tea


With Kim and Kanye expecting their first baby, tabloids are anxious to get a first look at this offspring. TMZ reports that one overseas tabloid has offered up $3 million to get the first shots of baby West. Surprsingly the couple has turned it down. The media hungry Kim Kardashian is probably looking for a higher bidder. We shall see how this all unfolds in about 6 months.

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Chillingly Accurate in Context and Intent!

Newell Day

Since the hearing on October 1, 2012 enough evidence has been generated to prove the point of many of the allegations presented. Just yesterday I discovered another example of the non-farm component with additional incidents that fit the pattern of the last 2-3 years.

1. A business associate in which it would be advantageous for me to have a good marketing relationship was sent an electronic message with a link to an example of our work.

2.The business associate did not receive the electronic message that was sent about 3 weeks ago over a secured connection.

3.The example of my work has been deleted from the server.


This example fits the pattern of effective targeting that has taken place over the last 2-3 years.

In 2011 the electronic issues took tremendous time resources to get my computers back under control even with a new hard drive and reinstalled operating system…

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Doing Your Job


I’m sick of hearing about how terrible Gov. Chris Christie (of NJ) is, from the Republican Party and “Conservative” talk-radio people. Democrats can complain all they want, because they’re complaining about his political views, as a whole. But Conservatives? No.

Why do I say that? Didn’t he compliment Pres. Obama right before the election?? Didn’t he say that he couldn’t care less about giving Romney a tour of the damage from Super-storm Sandy?? And worse, didn’t he – just this past week – encourage Congress to pass the Sandy Relief bill, even though it was full of “Pork” spending? Isn’t that base treachery to the Republican Party? Isn’t that showing that he’s really not made of the “Right” stuff?

To the Republican Party – maybe. To Conservatism, and to proper values – not at all! In fact, I think he should be lauded by Conservatives, who generally hold themselves –

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Banish GOP defeatism: “Nothing stands between us and victory except defeat”

Pull My Chain

Eh, the quote from Wodehouse character Sir Reginald Spode seems applicable here. I’m old enough for platitudes such as every dog has its day and public opinion is a swinging pendulum but others state it with more original thoughts:

Here’s Spode at his Totley on the World rally; note that the young gullible and Drones Club friend of Bertie Wooster is MartinClunes, later Doc Martin. {Correction: in a later episode, I noticed that the proper name is Totleigh-in-the-Wold. My  old print Webster’s defines “wold” to mean a “hilly or rolling region – used in names of various English geographical areas.”  My apologies for the error; isn’t the correct name so much the better?}


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A Rebuttal to Gun Enthusiast

The Heretic Press


The recent tragedies related to gun violence have created fervor on both sides of the gun control issue.  But with all the saber rattling that is taking place, very little real dialogue has occurred.  There have been promising signs, with key members of Congress noting, “this one feels different.” However, people against gun regulation have been striking out stronger than ever. And while the basis to pro-gun arguments is usually based in a genuine desire to protect individual rights, many of their arguments are nothing more than fear and fallacies.   Here are a few of their more popular arguments against gun restrictions and an examination of their inadequacies. 

“People kill people, not guns!”

One thing I won’t argue is that millions of perfectly moral and upstanding Americans own firearms.  Many of these upstanding civilians will likely go their entire lives without firing a shot at any one…

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Farm Well Sabotaged Evidence Covered Up!

Newell Day

On January 8, 2013 the farm well was sealed under contract by USDA despite my objections.

My email to Aaron Martin – NC USDA SED about the well as well as waiting for a response to my earlier questions about the communications restriction letter received late November 2012.

If you have read any of my earlier posts – don’t you find it also interesting as I walk to lunch within the hour of sending the email that a shiny GM black SUV sees me walking and immediately turns around. I sure need old Murphy to be on side for a change.


Mr. Martin,

It has been since 11/26/2012 since I asked for the copy address of the OIG and asked other questions to you and Mr. Huskey to response to your letter including whether this letter has been shared with the trustee and DOJ because I will share it…

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Beyonce to Perform at President Obama’s Inauguration

It is being reported that Beyoncé will perform the national anthem at the second inauguration of President Obama. Back in 2009 Beyoncé performed “At Last” at the President’s first inauguration when he and the First Lady shared their first dance. The songstress has also worked closely with Michelle Obama on her “Let’s Move!” fitness campaign to curb childhood obesity.