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‘American Idol’ Recap: Do You Hear the People Sing?

The inspirational, the quirky, and the miserable are showcased as the season 12 auditions continue in Chicago.

Lazaro American Idol audition P

Viewers of AmericanIdol know that Chicago has been a lucky city for the show: JenniferHudson, HaleyReinhart and season nine winner Lee DeWyze all hail from the area, and Thursday night’s show crackled with anticipation.

“I am hoping to see some amazing talent,” MariahCarey said as she entered Adler Planetarium, a curious spot for auditions.

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Of course, the show produced Reinhart in the flesh as the season 10 alum greeted the hopeful contestants with a flashy smile and a pep talk.

“I remember when I was sitting in that seat over there,” she said.

Of course, the passive-aggressive tension that began at…

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