Review: Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters is picture perfect

National Post | Arts

3 stars

Gregory Crewdson is technically a photographer, but the scale of his work makes him seem more like a filmmaker who shoots only one frame at a time. Where most directors call “action,” he stands on his sets and calls: “And … hold.”

Brief Encounters is a fascinating documentary that looks at Crewdson’s methods over the several years he spent shooting a series of images called Beneath the Roses. Even he compares his process (and budget) to that of an independent filmmaker.

“The whole process of making art is an act of faith in a way,” he says. “This idea that you’re going to will something into existence that means something to the larger world. Particularly in my way of making pictures, which is this kind of preoccupation with trying to make something perfect.”


Crewdson works almost entirely in tiny, crumbling towns in Massachusetts. The results are…

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