In the Shadow of the Sun: IDFA Review

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In The Shadow of the Sun - H 2012

The Bottom Line

Engaging documentary tackles a harrowing theme of superstitious prejudice in straightforward, safe-hands style with suitably moving and inspirational results.


Harry Freeland

Harry Freeland’s British documentary examines the plight of albinos suffering discrimination and persecution in Tanzania.

If film-festival audience-awards mean anything thenis surely set for a long and rewarding career on both big and small screensBritish writer-director-producer Harry Freeland‘s conscientiously awareness-raising documentary about the problems faced by albinos in eastern Africa was one of the major crowd-pleasers when world-premiering at Amsterdam’s IDFA non-fiction showcase. Freeland’s feature-length debut lost the popular vote by the narrowest of margins to the Oscar-tipped the pair clear of a very large field.

Screened at Amsterdam in its full 84-minute form, an hour-long version with the rather more lurid title aired on British television soon after as part of the BBC’s strand. But there’s easily enough material here to justify feature length, not least the…

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