Doing Your Job


I’m sick of hearing about how terrible Gov. Chris Christie (of NJ) is, from the Republican Party and “Conservative” talk-radio people. Democrats can complain all they want, because they’re complaining about his political views, as a whole. But Conservatives? No.

Why do I say that? Didn’t he compliment Pres. Obama right before the election?? Didn’t he say that he couldn’t care less about giving Romney a tour of the damage from Super-storm Sandy?? And worse, didn’t he – just this past week – encourage Congress to pass the Sandy Relief bill, even though it was full of “Pork” spending? Isn’t that base treachery to the Republican Party? Isn’t that showing that he’s really not made of the “Right” stuff?

To the Republican Party – maybe. To Conservatism, and to proper values – not at all! In fact, I think he should be lauded by Conservatives, who generally hold themselves –

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