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Jackie Chan CZ12 - H 2012

The Bottom Line

The alleged final action film from martial arts star Jackie Chan is a hideous cocktail of cynicism, sanctimony and pedestrian filmmaking.  



December 20 (Hong Kong)


Jackie Chan, Yao Xingtong, Kwong Sang-woo, Zhang Lanxin, Laura Weissbecker, Oliver Platt 


Jackie Chan

The latest globetrotting romp from martial arts star Jackie Chan.

The latest globetrotting romp by martial arts action star Jackie Chan, opening Dec. 20 in Hong Kong, is the kind of mindless, silly romp the multi-hyphenate has become known for. (sometimes ) couldn’t be a more inauspicious swan song if he tried, if such rumors are to be believed. As a mercenary tomb raider looking for ancient Chinese sculptures Chan’s age is starting to show; with the exception of one key fight sequence he leaves the heavy lifting to his younger costars and resorts to either greenscreen for his big moments — or…

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