Banish GOP defeatism: “Nothing stands between us and victory except defeat”

Pull My Chain

Eh, the quote from Wodehouse character Sir Reginald Spode seems applicable here. I’m old enough for platitudes such as every dog has its day and public opinion is a swinging pendulum but others state it with more original thoughts:

Here’s Spode at his Totley on the World rally; note that the young gullible and Drones Club friend of Bertie Wooster is MartinClunes, later Doc Martin. {Correction: in a later episode, I noticed that the proper name is Totleigh-in-the-Wold. My  old print Webster’s defines “wold” to mean a “hilly or rolling region – used in names of various English geographical areas.”  My apologies for the error; isn’t the correct name so much the better?}


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