And These Are My Confessions….

You Don't Call Your Mother Enough

Have you ever seen the movie “Almost Famous” and the scene where the plane is going down? All of the bandmates and passengers know that they are about to die and they start confessing their dirtiest deeds before their impending fiery deaths? Do you know that one? Well, being that today is December 20, 2012, only a few hours before the Mayans “predicted” that this plane is going down, I feel the need to make some Confessions of my own. So here goes…


Ha! Just kidding. I am not telling you guys anything. My secrets shall go with me to the Grave. Especially those hurtful ones. Who does that, by the way? In my last seconds I want to be burning with your goodness and love and happy memories – do not go telling me all the crappy things you ever did/said behind my back. You did them. You die with…

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