A Rebuttal to Gun Enthusiast

The Heretic Press


The recent tragedies related to gun violence have created fervor on both sides of the gun control issue.  But with all the saber rattling that is taking place, very little real dialogue has occurred.  There have been promising signs, with key members of Congress noting, “this one feels different.” However, people against gun regulation have been striking out stronger than ever. And while the basis to pro-gun arguments is usually based in a genuine desire to protect individual rights, many of their arguments are nothing more than fear and fallacies.   Here are a few of their more popular arguments against gun restrictions and an examination of their inadequacies. 

“People kill people, not guns!”

One thing I won’t argue is that millions of perfectly moral and upstanding Americans own firearms.  Many of these upstanding civilians will likely go their entire lives without firing a shot at any one…

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