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Carrie Bradshaw’s Back! ‘Carrie Diaries’ Boss on Reintroducing an Icon and Tweaking Her Backstory (Q&A)

Though Carrie won’t be hanging out with younger versions of her "Sex and the City" BFFs on The CW drama, "I have some ideas about how I think each of them would come into the universe," executive producer Amy B. Harris revealed to THR.

The Carrie Diaries Bubble AnnaSophia Robb Amy B Harris - H 2013

Ready for the ’80s?

The CW’s Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries is just days away from debuting, and already executive producer/showrunner Amy B. Harris is feeling the pressure. "Sometimes I want to bury my head under my bed sheets and not come out because I feel so lucky," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Harris, who previously served as a producer on HBO’s Sarah Jessica Parker comedy, is well aware of the critics of how part of Carrie Bradshaw’s backstory was…

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