No longer standing in the background of her sisters, Tamar Braxton is taking center stage as the new Braxton to watch out for. With the release of her spin off show “Tamar and Vince” Tamar is moving like lighting to show the world she is and has STAR POWER.


Doo-Wop Pop Pop To Show Stopping Tamar Braxton-Herbert
By Jay Russel &Torin Mitchell
Photography by Allen Cooley
Styled by Julian Lark

“You know every Superhero has to have their own theme music “says Tamar, during the second season of her and her sisters‘wildly popular realty television show Braxton Family Values. How fitting a response as this larger than life personality is doing so many things at once that her ability to multi-task could have netted her, her very own big budget CGI heavy summer blockbuster. The youngest of the six sisters, Tamar set out at an early age to distinguish herself. This month Kontrol got the chance to talk to the beautiful songstress about reality shows, music, relationships, and even “popsicle babies.”

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