Twenty-Five Songs That The Ladies of New Directions Should Cover

The Glee Rewatch Project

So it’s that time of the year for college students!

It’s time for finals.

If you’re like me then you are probably cursing out all of your professor. You’re spending it hunched over a textbook that you spent over a hundred dollars on but barely opened it during the semester. You stare at your oblivious professors who seem to think their test is the only one you will be taking and give you a term paper due the day of your final. You’re contemplating dropping out and living a life on the road and dear God when was the last time I saw the light of day?

Or you’re just procrastinating on the interwebs (like myself right now so I don’t blame you guys) and you would prefer to finals just blow over and you get at least pass them all.

And if you are also like me, music is…

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