Room(s) of the Week: No Holiday Mantle



Hanging Christmas stockings is a tradition for most but what happens when you don’t have a fireplace mantle to hang them from?  You get creative and look for other stylish ways to hang the stockings! 

Here are just a few ideas to inspire you.

Christmas Green!

The foyer is a great place to hang those Christmas stockings.  Using the knobs on a piece of furniture as hooks, hang the stockings and decorate the top of the chest as if it were a mantle.

This is where I'll have to hang the stockings in the apt...I like.

I love this look with stocking hung from the family piano.  The stockings add just the right touch of holiday cheer to a natural gathering place during the holidays.

Use Command Hooks to hang the stockings without damaging the furniture.

Simple old-fashioned Christmas decorations.  Another reason I need an old wooden ladder!!  I mean, where else would I put the stockings this year!!


If your decor is a bit more rustic, try hanging the stockings from an old ladder.  This is a great space-saving idea since the ladder can be tucking into…

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