This reviewer is a sucker for romantic comedies and even more of a pushover for ‘heavy’ father and son scenes so why, with “Playing For Keeps” being a romantic comedy with 2 moving father and son scenes does the movie fall flat? A major factor is that there isn’t chemistry between the star, Gerard Butler, and any other cast member. Though one should suspend logic when entering a movie theatre some things are just draw dropping out of place to ignore.


George Dryer (Butler) is a has-been international soccer player who has lost everything and moves to Virginia to try to win his ex-wife Stacie (Jessica Biel) back and, just as important, be part of his young son Lewis’s (Noah Lomax) life. Stacie is living with Matt (James Tupper)–his house? Her house? Their house?–in a big house while George doesn’t even have money to pay a security deposit…

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