On Clutch Cargo

A Frank Angle

I admit not watching Clutch Cargo, but this cartoon is part of cartoon’s golden age. Then again, somebody out there requested it, and I am quite the gracious type.

Clutch, a writer and pilot, goes across the world on dangerous assignments

Other characters: Spinner (young kid), Paddlefoot (kid’s dog), and Swampy (Clutch’s bearded friend)

Each adventure was segmented into 5, five-minute chapters, with the first four ending in cliffhangers

Created by Clark Haas

First aired March 9, 1959

Forerunner to Jonny Quest (past post here)

52 adventures; first, The Friendly Head Hunters; last, Big “X”

Music by Paul Horn, who only used bongos, a vibraphone, and a flute

Clutch voiced by Richard Cotting

Swampy voiced by Hal Smith, who played Otis Campbell on The Andy Griffith Show

Production had a limited budget (including the music), thus used other methods to produce episodes at about 20% of Hanna-Barbera…

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