Glassheart by Leona Lewis


Leona Lewis GlassheartI was really looking forward to Leona Lewis’ third album, and the fact that it got delayed so many times just added to the anticipation. That is, until I actually heard the album. I can help but feel a bit disappointed. I am not sure what is wrong (probably nothing) though – she still sounds amazing. While the album definitely has a bit more depth, it is just that I do not really feel connected with the music. I thought I would like the album a bit more if I give it a few more spins, but it has been almost a month… Maybe it is not radio-friendly enough?

Anyway, despite this, there are still tracks that really stood out for me (the first single “Trouble” is unfortunately not one of them). My favourite track in the album will have to be “Un Love Me”. It really works for me…

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