Friday Night Videos

human see, human do

Since I have been away for a bit I figured I would throw out a quick post with a video….I know you all get ance when I disappear for any amount of time, so this update will serve as reassurance that I am fine, and as a chance to watch a fun video!  I’ll give some details on my recent semi-vacation shortly….

For anyone unfamiliar with the title Friday Night Videos , it was a way for poor people like myself, that lived way, way, way out in the woods where cable couldn’t reach, to watch music videos for 90 minutes each week.  Although, to be honest I think for a brief period of time they also used to have a show after school where they showed mostly Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper videos.  However, I think I was too involved in He-Man cartoons to waste much time after time on those shows.  The other big weekend entertainment…

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