Dog Friendly Dining in DF: George Restaurant with @ChefLucas


20121207-210221.jpgAs the weeks before Christmas often are, tonight was all about running errands. As I was running to and fro, I walked past a restaurant called, “George“.

It appeared to be a new Italian restaurant.

I stopped in and asked if they were dog friendly. They said,“of course!” so I promised to bring the dog and the boy back later that evening.

When we arrived, we were pleased to meet Lucas, the general manager in charge. George has been open for two weeks and Lucas is in charge of opening and optimizing the restaurant. Lucas told us all about the wood fired pizzas and brick oven.
20121207-205841.jpgTurns out, it was the restaurant’s second week, and the owner’s third pizza restaurant. The owners also have another pizza restaurant, Cafe Toscano, in a different neighborhood.

We decided to try two pizzas: the Margarita with sausage (custom)…

and the Pear…

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