Dark Souls 2 Premieres at the Spike VGA’s


Our own writer Joseph Thomas probably had a heart attack after seeing the world premiere of Dark Souls 2 at the Spike Video Game Awards tonight. Dark Souls wasn’t just a great game, it was one of the best games of 2012 and perhaps one of the most brutally difficult games we’ve ever played here at JTM.

Anyway, the Dark Souls 2 premiere trailer was full-on cinematic and didn’t have any gameplay footage. However, it did show some of the enemies that will presumably be big parts of the game including masked figures (that looked eerily similar to Twisted Metal’s Dollface) and a gigantic dragon that easily kills the protagonist.

Unfortunately there haven’t been any gameplay information released as of yet, and all we can go on is the premiere trailer from the VGA’s. And since there weren’t any gameplay footage included, we don’t know what From Software’s Dark Souls 2 will…

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