Chronicles of an Introvert

The Risible Rambler

The more I live, the more I realize just how many ways I am unwittingly offensive to people. Perhaps “offensive” is too strong a word, but it is the most all-inclusive. There are many things about me that to me are completely normal, but to the rest of the world are strange and even dangerous.

I like cats. I am not fond of dogs. I prefer books to television. I won’t wear form-fitting clothing. I refuse to use foul language. I like opera and other forms of classical music. Rock music makes my toes curl. I like theater. I hate sports. I’m a Christian. I’m an introvert.

There are some people out there who would read that list and assume that I am somehow an enemy of the human race who likes to hide away in cobwebby corners, wearing a burka, listening to Puccini and hating the world and everything…

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